At Sano, our commitment to innovative healthcare is unwavering. We’ve always believed in challenging the status quo to provide better health and care to our patients in the KC metro area and beyond. We’re excited to introduce our latest venture, Intero Wellness, a medically-informed fitness studio.

Seizing an Opportunity for Better Health

As healthcare professionals, we’ve recognized a significant gap in the health care market. Less than 1/4 of American adults meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity. Many adults struggle with exercise due to physical limitations or fear, which can lead to a decline in overall health and well-being. We saw this as an opportunity to make a real difference. Intero Wellness is our answer to this challenge.

Dr. Matt Daggett, CEO of Sano Health and Care, says, “Intero Wellness is not just a fitness program; it’s a promise to bridge the gap between what’s recommended and what’s achievable when it comes to exercise and well-being.”

Making Fitness Fun and Accessible

Our goal with Intero Wellness is simple yet profound: to make fitness fun and accessible to everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. We understand that exercise can be intimidating, especially for older adults. Our programs are designed to be approachable, engaging, and effective.

Co-Locating for Better Health

Intero Wellness will co-locate with FIT Muscle and Joint and Sano Orthopedics to provide a safe, studio-like environment. This strategic partnership with medical professionals allows a comprehensive healthcare solution all under one roof, ensuring that our patients receive the holistic support they deserve.

Intero Wellness is currently co-locating with F.I.T. Muscle and Joint Clinic in Blue Valley and Shawnee. Intero Wellness opened a clinic in Overland Park on Nov 14th, co-locating with both FIT and Sano Orthopedics. This fitness studio is in a brand-new building, sharing space with orthopedic providers, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

Dr. Chad Barnes, Co-Owner of F.I.T. Muscle and Joint Clinic, reiterates, “Patients are craving simplicity and transparency in their health care needs. Intero Wellness completes the musculoskeletal circle and delivers on those shortcomings…it’s how health care should be!”

Programs Focused on Results

Intero Wellness’s personalized fitness programs are designed to help clients achieve health and fitness goals. Intero tracks outcomes that matter to the clients, using objective data and prescriptive programming.

Dustin Lewis, President of Intero, states, “Every client has a unique health and fitness history. By taking a comprehensive approach to screening and testing, Intero provides a path toward wellness that will ensure each and every client has a positive and safe experience.”

Join Us

Sano Health & Care’s commitment to health has never wavered. We are thrilled to finally introduce Intero Wellness, which has been developing for years. We look forward to inspiring others with our message of better health and well-being and providing a sustainable method to achieve more health. Together, we can empower individuals to age resiliently and live a full, healthy life.